Kyle Widrick

Experienced and passionate venture capital and brand building professional based in New York City, with 10+ years experience as an entrepreneur, operator and investor. Currently scaling a portfolio of best-in-class consumer product businesses, leveraging a killer team, a defined roadmap of proven success/scale + a shared services approach to operations.
New York, NY
Average Check Size
$25K - $250K
Questions & Answers

Origin Story: In a couple sentences, how would you describe your path to becoming an investor?

In my first few years out of university I found myself working for a family office of a self made billionaire in the consumer space.  This laid the foundation and built the network that I continue to leverage today.

Investment Approach: What are the key factors you consider when evaluating a founding team?

Ruthless tenacity. Big picture vision. Ability to see around the corner.

What's your style and approach when it comes to working with founders post-investment? What are the characteristics of founders you've worked well with?

I have always found the best approach is to be available, and supportive. Once you have made the investment you are along for the ride. Best that the founders see you as someone they can talk to and go to for advice to work through the 1xxxx problems that are bound to come up.

If I'm coming to pitch to you or your firm, what's the one piece of advice you'd give me?

Be yourself. And know your stuff.

As an angel investor, how many deals do you aim to do each year?

2-4 personally / 3-5 via Win Brands Group

How would you describe your own personal mission and values, and how do they impact the way you invest?

I believe the world is what we believe it can be. How it is being done now, is the result of what others have been able to accomplish before us. Anything can be disrupted. And - life is too short - have fun along the way. Only partner (on both sides) with folks that check that box.

What do you like best about investing in NYC, and what’s your outlook on the future of NYC tech?

NYC has a spirit, energy & tenacity like no other city. Because of this, some of the most powerful and resilient companies will always be built here.

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