FirstMark Capital

Adam Nelson

Managing Director

Adam is a Partner at FirstMark Capital and previously a Partner at Social Capital where he focuses on early stage venture investing in enterprise SaaS and marketplaces. He brings experience in building and executing go-to-market strategies in both SMB and Enterprise, most recently at Dropbox. Prior to that, Adam was a Private Equity investor at Lindsay Goldberg, an investment firm in New York.

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Notable Investments

Slack, Clearbanc, Kasa, Workstep, WeeCare and Nivelo

Questions & Answers

Origin Story: In a couple sentences, how would you describe your path to becoming an investor?

Liberal arts generalist, turned private equity investor, turned operator, turned VC. Always learning

Investment Approach: What are the key factors you consider when evaluating a founding team?

I love working with teams that are solving big problems in complex markets by leveraging technology and the network effects that can be created by the internet.

What's your style and approach when it comes to working with founders post-investment? What are the characteristics of founders you've worked well with?

We're very hands-on, we have a concentrated model where we align with the founding team as a true partner and try to be a force multiplier

How would you describe your own personal mission and values, and how do they impact the way you invest?

I enjoy working on large problems that can have a major impact. I value integrity, transparent and trustworthy and work nicely with founders who embody those values.

What do you like best about investing in NYC, and what’s your outlook on the future of NYC tech?

I'm a NY native and enjoy the community feel of this ecosystem as well as the diversity of problems that entrepreneurs are tackling.