Human Ventures

Jesse Morris

General Partner

Jesse is an operator and investor, currently serves as General Partner at Human Ventures. He is also an autism advocate and spends time helping families and founders across this category.

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Notable Investments

Spora Health, Kingdom Supercultures, Upstream

Questions & Answers

Origin Story: In a couple sentences, how would you describe your path to becoming an investor?

I've always been a builder first. Started Very in 2012 which helped non-technical founders launch software businesses. I left my operational role in 2018 when I decided to take the leap into an investing role. I've always been fascinated by studio/fund models and joined Heather and her team at Human in 2019. I love working with founders at the pre-launch stage.

Investment Approach: What are the key factors you consider when evaluating a founding team?

I like founders that either have technical expertise or a deeply differentiated skill. Complimentary founding teams matter especially at the beginning when iteration and uncertainty is present every day.

What's your style and approach when it comes to working with founders post-investment? What are the characteristics of founders you've worked well with?

I like staying involved in helping founders make decisions faster. Whether it's meeting with a potential customer or identifying a partnership that may be easier for me to facilitate. I work well with organized founders who are also great storytellers.

If I'm coming to pitch to you or your firm, what's the one piece of advice you'd give me?

Come prepared. Scrappiness is key. Be humble and kind, but also confident in your vision.

How would you describe your own personal mission and values, and how do they impact the way you invest?

I'm an optimist who constantly practices radicle acceptance. Presence and awareness in our reality helps identify where friction lies. Reducing friction is a great place to start I look at a prospective investment.

What do you like best about investing in NYC, and what’s your outlook on the future of NYC tech?

I've spent most of my adult life between the NYC and LA ecosystems, and I love their relationship. NYC Tech has such a great pulse on digital healthcare, future of work and fintech - industries that are welcome innovation at an increased rate.